Fancy Desires & Co. aims to highlight and embrace sexual health, intimacy and pleasure as a vital part of our development. Sexuality and sex education is a natural, important, and vital aspect to our being.

Our subscription boxes are carefully curated to create "vibes" that are interesting, unique, and full of knowledge. One box will be all you need to have many amazing nights either solo or with a partner(s). The contents of Fancy Desires subscription boxes will vary monthly in order to provide a range of experiences. Whether you have a vast toy collection, or you are just starting out, you will find something new to love in your box.  

Our bi-monthly subscription boxes will be available for pre-sale starting September 23. 2021 through October 7th, 2021. Boxes will ship out between the 14th-16th of each month.

In addition to the toys you will receive, each box comes with lube, a scent, pre-post sex wipes, sweet treats (Lindt chocolates), & a dust bag for storing your toys. We told you this would be all you need!